We are dedicated to providing services of true value to our clients. Value meaning results consistent with the client’s expectations for a fair fee. We assess new matters to devise cost-effective fee quotations to accomplish the client’s objectives. We make available various fee arrangements, including omnibus fees, contingent fees and fixed monthly retainers. Because of a modest overhead, our standard hourly rates are extremely competitive.


The partners of the firm have over 60 collective years of practice at the highest levels in their respective fields. Mr. Roberto Boneta commenced his legal profession as a law clerk at the United States District Court for the District of Puerto Rico, followed by practice as a trial attorney at the U.S. Department of Justice, Antitrust Division, and then as a partner in major San Juan corporate law firms. Besides being an experienced civil trial attorney, he is also experienced in Antitrust, Puerto Rico Distribution Contracts (Law 75), Corporations, Puerto Rico Sales Representative Act (Law 21), and FDIC legislation, among other areas of practice. For over 15 years, Ms. Annette Nogueras has routinely counseled major corporations on Puerto Rico’s complex employment statutes and has successfully defended dozens of employee discrimination and wage claim lawsuits.


The firm’s partners have developed valuable professional contacts over the years which they can access. The firm can easily staff-up any matter with the best talent available. Rather than picking legal talent in the dark, or being stuck with what’s available at large corporate law firms, clients have available proven outside resources at preferential fee arrangements. We closely monitor and supervise outside services. Clients can also use our Corporate Counsel Services in which a firm partner would be available 24/7 for consultation on any matter.


We try to consider the environment in all our decisions. We are organized as a paperless office and digitally convert all correspondence and documents received, recycling the paper. We encourage working from home and also using video-conferencing when possible to save energy and other resources. Salvaged furniture and recycled materials were used in the construction of our office.


Recognizing that many of our clients have in-house legal talent, or may be sophisticated enough to devise their own simple legal documents, the firm makes available at no additional cost, a data base of common legal forms used in Puerto Rico.